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What is hema/What do you do at your club?

The first question is really difficult to answer succinctly, in part because it's still debated amongst HEMA practitioners and in part because the question is very broad. In short, HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts and is comprised of academics and historians, martial artists, athletes, historical recreation enthusiasts, deluded whackos, and many more. We also enjoy a degree of crossover membership with those who have related interests such as the SCA, Rennaissance Faire hobbyists/Reenactors, and various grappling or weapon based martial arts (Judo, BJJ, Olympic Fencing, etc). At VHH our intention in training is to balance the elements of academic pursuit, competitive sportive combat, and martial art.

Is there an age limit for participation?

Yes. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a meet with one of the club leaders so that they can be made to understand the risks inherent to our sport and sign a liability waiver. Our lower age limit is usually 16 but we may consider younger students to participate provided the parent is present for the entirety of the practice.

What do i need to get started?

For most practices you will only need a water bottle and comfortable athletic wear and shoes as we have loaner gear available for newer students to use during drills. Ultimately you will need to provide your own kit for sparring and competition. A full gear list required to be considered a senior student is provided to novices and recommended vendors are mentioned on the Equipment page of our website.

How much are dues and how do I pay them?

At present because practices are being held outside we are operating under a reduced fee schedule. Once we return to indoor practices, fees are required at the beginning of the first practice of the month and are as follows: 

Full month - $30

1/2 Month - $20

Drop-in - $10

We accept cash, personal check, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal. As all of our instructors are volunteers, all fees go directly back into the club, paying for new equipment and our rental space.

when and where do you meet for practices?

Our regular practices are held at CrossFit Train 97333, 1780 SW 3rd St #110, Corvallis, OR 97333 on Sundays starting at 11 AM with additional practices added when available. Updates and changes to the location or training time are posted on our Discord on an as needed basis .

Do you study other weapon systems besides longsword?

Yes, however all beginners start out with training in longsword dagger/grappling and singlestick. These weapon systems train skills and fitness that translate well into subsequent systems such as messer/dussack, staff/spear, rapier/dagger, and sword & buckler which our instructors and senior students also study.